Welcome to microServiceBus help

Here you will find a large variety of resources that can help you learn to develop, deploy, administer, and use microServiceBus.com.


What is a micro service?

Learn more about how to use micro services for receiving and transmitting messages to and from other services. Learn about the different types of services and how use them in different scenarios.

What is a node?

The host is where the magic happens, and is the place where all micro services are hosted. Learn about the different kind of hosts and what platforms they can run on.

What is the "hub"?

microServiceBus.com® is essentially a central hub where all host and services are managed. This hub, or “bus”, is also responsible for routing and orchestrating all messages. Learn more about how it works and how you can make the most it.

What is a "flow"?

A Flow defines the interaction between Micro Services, - A workflow that controls how messages gets sent from one service to another.

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