What is a micro service?

Services are essential to all modern systems today. Either as systems shares part of its logic with other applications, or because the system uses services hosted somewhere else. These kinds of services have been around for almost two decades and has become a vital part of all software engineering today. But over the last years we've seen a change that is having a significant effect on how we build, host and manage our services. Today, we see new hardware emerging that is small, Wi-Fi or even cellular enabled and powerful enough to host small systems. These units are cheap and opens up infinite possibilities. This phenomenon is often referred to as IoT (Internet of Things).

Micro services are services that are very generic and independent of other services. They are also, as the name implies, smaller. -They are not as complex as most normal services would be, and they are more agile. As such they can also be exposed in scenarios where we normally would not see services hosted, such as in devices or circuit, running on a range of platforms. Many ordinary services may qualify as micro services, but a micro services might also be something that turns on your light at home, expose the location of a container or manage configuration of oil rigs.

In microServicesBus.com a micro service can be implemented using JavaScript or C/C++ following a specific interface. These services are created and edited in the portal to be pushed down to the Node. There are several already existing services in the portal, ready for you to use. There is also the option to create your own or copy from one of the existing ones.

When a Node starts up, it calls the Hub and pulls all the scripts which you configured to run on this specific Node. From this point forward the service/script is managed by the Node.

To better understand what a micro service is, we’ll group them into three different types:

Inbound Services

Outbound Services

Internal Services

Although microServicesBus.com comes with a large number of services out-of-the-box, you are free to extend these services by developing your own. For more information:

Custom Services