Common Tasks and Walkthroughs

Installing a node

Learn how to install and setup you nodes.

Working with service properties

The service property window where you define the characteristics of your service. All properties are divided into three categories; General, Static and Security properties.

Using the JavaScript service

Using the JavaScript service is similar to creating a service, but is somewhat limited. As the name implies, it allows you to execute JavaScript code, and can be used in a series of scenarios.

Create a Micro Service

Creating a Micro Service a simple task. All you need is to know some basic JavaScript.

Debug your nodes

Identifying and troubleshooting issues can be a painful process, especially in IoT scenarios with limited access to the physical hardware. enables you to remotely debug your Services and Scripts.

Integrate with GitHub

Services and scripts can be created, copied, versioned and managed in the portal in the Script & Services section. However, you can also manage your scripts from the GitHub. As you commit or push changes scripts are automaticly updated om

Planning for offline and disconnected devices

You should never think of any IoT environment as stable, and constantly online. Gateways and devices will lose connectivity from time to time, especially if on 2G/3G/LTE networks. The important thing is to plan for such disruptions and have plans for how to deal with these scenarios. And part from disconnected networks, you also need to plan for service failures, such as with you IoT Hub or for that matter.

Managing releases

Learn how updates and releases are handled and how you can control these yourself.

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