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Device Lifecycle Management for IoT solutions on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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Information distribution

  • Configuration data
  • Reference data
  • Collect on-demand
  • Commands

Data collection

  • Telemetry information
  • Big data
  • Point-of-sale data
  • Alerts


  • Line-of-business systems
  • Databases & Queues
  • Routing
  • Security & Scale


  • Manage your code
  • Tracking
  • Reports
  • Device management

Information distribution

Configuration data

Transmitting configuration data to units and devices enables remote configuration of machines, gas pumps, vehicles and more.

Reference data

Keep cash registers, scanning devices and other systems up-to-date by synchronizing prices and product data.

Collect on-demand

Why should you constantly transmit data to a central system if you only need it occasionally? microServiceBus.com ® allows you to call out to individual units or devices to query for data.


Switch on the air-condition or start the conveyor belt by sending direct commands to smart control units.

Data collection

Telemetry information

With MCT (mobile cardiac telemetry) hospitals only stand to gain by enforcing protocols that favor the MCT system, both regarding patient care and hospital savings.

Big data

The act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for eventual analysis is not a new concept, but through IoT it can become a reality

Point-of-sale data

microServiceBus.com ® is about more than IoT, and can capture data from any system, such as PoS system, power stations and more.


Homes, offices and warehouses can be monitored using sensors which in turn can trigger alarms to prevent heat or water damage.


Line-of-business systems

microServiceBus.com ® is able to integrate with much more than IoT devices. Through its built-in services you can access on-premise- or cloud based LOB system such as O365 and SalesForce. If that is not enough it will also seamlessly integrate with other EAI platforms such as BizTalk Server.

Databases & Queues

microServiceBus.com ® comes with support for interacting with most common databases on the market such as Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, MongoDB, Orchestrate.io, AWS Dynamo DB and Azure DocumentDB. You can also use it to access queues and topics using the open AMQP protocol.

Routing & rules

Through the messaging capabilities of microServiceBus.com ® you can transmit messages to particular nodes or groups of nodes. This will come useful when interacting with specific sensors.

Security & Scale

Security is core with microServiceBus.com ® and can enabled you to secure your payloads and nodes using your own certificates.


Manage your code

microServiceBus.com ® is unique in how it enables you to manage the code interacting with your sensors, database and systems. Through the portal version and manage your JavaScript files which will be propagated to your nodes on your command. – No need for on-site support or maintenance.


The management portal gives you total control of every message. You can search and track down particular events or messages, handle exceptions, build reports and much more.


Our report capabilities enable you to get a good overview of your usage and payload.

Device management

Through our management portal you’re are able to provision any number of nodes to any number of devices, computers and servers.

Get Started


This video provides a comprehensive but brief overview of microServiceBus.com ® capabilities. You will learn about the basic concepts and how to get started. We begin by introduce you to three key elements:

What is a Node?
What is a Micro Service?
What What is a Hub?

A short introduction is followed by an end-to-end demonstration of how to get started.

Signing up for microServiceBus.com ® is a simple twostep process:

Register account

Before you can start you’ll need an account to sign in with. After you’ve created the account, an email will be sent to you to confirm your account. The email contains an activation link; which till take you back to the site, where you can now sign in.

Create your organization

After you’ve signed in for the first time, you will get prompt to create your organization. This is nothing more than giving it a name. You will automatically be assigned as owner of your organization, and you can later add other people to your organization.

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Information distribution

Data collection



Built on solid partnerships and infrastructure

The ARM mbed IoT Device Platform is one of two supported platforms, and is suitable for small microcontrollers developed using C/C++

ARM mbed provides the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem to make the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT solutions possible at scale.

Node.js® is a runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js' package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

Larger devices (or systems) running operating systems such as Linux or Windows can run using node.js. Node.js and JavaScript are arguably the most productive developing platform with low learning curve and a massive community of resources.

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, web and of course IoT.

microServiceBus.com® extends Azure IoT with device- and application management along with On-Air update support for distributing software updates to devices and much more.


  • Fully featured
  • Unlimited nodes*
  • Unlimited flows**
  • 20K msgs/month


$100/ month
  • Fully featured
  • Unlimited nodes*
  • Unlimited flows**
  • 200K msgs/month
  • Support


$350/ month
  • Fully featured
  • Unlimited nodes*
  • Unlimited flows**
  • 1M msgs/month
  • Support